TAC Rules!

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TAC Rules!

Post  Conner on Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:41 pm

You know the drill guys!

1.)No Spamming(Double posts,useless posts,etc.)
2.)No Minimodding(I know you little guys are trying to help but leave it to the big boys,k?)
3.)No multiple Topics in threads(I see this too much and it makes me crazy!)
4.)No Bumbing(Dont post in a thread thats gone 7 days without a post)
5.)No hateful comments!(PM can be used for useless comments like arguments(unless your debating in a topic))
6.)If you refuse to follow thes I will ban you for how long I feel nessicary!

You can double post/bump/minimod(to a certain extent) in your OWN animation thread!

-Thank you for taking the time of reading this post.

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