Condogs ever-growing tutorial!

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Condogs ever-growing tutorial!

Post  Conner on Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:47 pm

Hello friends.
Im going to add to this tutorial,or try to once a week. So keep checking in!

Leson 1:Running

I chose this because in my running there is basicly no easing(will learn later)in my style of running.

Heres an example:

Step 1:
You start out in with your stickmans arms and legs out. Like this:

-Pretty basic start...

Step 2:
Your legs' going to go down and touch the ground or whatever your stick is running on:

-Basicly your leg is now on the ground and all of your weight is on that foot,and your head is bobbing down from the contact will the surface...

Step 3:
Your Leg is on the surface and is now propelling you forward:

-You are almost in the air and are being pushed forward by your now hind leg,and your head is slowing from the impact...

Step 4 (optional):
I usually skip this step,but people might want a more smooth run...

-You and your head are going up,and are about to take another step...


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Re: Condogs ever-growing tutorial!

Post  Revolution on Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:46 am

Coo' tutorial con.
you should fix the arms, let them flow more.
i have a more, flowy style of runnin. (:

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